What Tasting Options does Ledson Winery Offer?

Whether you are planning a quick weekend getaway or a more leisurely extended stay in beautiful Sonoma Wine Country, include an enjoyable and informative wine tasting experience at Ledson Winery and Vineyards in Kenwood, CA. Besides sampling some of the world’s finest wines, visitors can enjoy the magnificent weather of the region, stunning views, and the unparalleled ambiance of the famous Ledson Winery Castle and grounds.


As one of the most important award-winning wineries in the region, Ledson Winery and Vineyards offers several options for your wine tasting experience. You can select a Castle, Vineyard or Private wine tasting for yourself and your group. Or, if you happen to be a wine club member, Ledson Winery will arrange a more personalized wine tasting experience for you and your friends or family.



Ledson Wine Tasting Experience


When you arrive, you will receive a menu describing the wines you will be sampling, each with the tasting notes to guide you. The tastings usually begin lighter, flavorful white varietals and then progress into stronger, more full-bodied reds.


  • Private $95 plus tax and 20% gratuity

When you and your guests reserve a Private wine tasting in one of Ledson Winery’s exquisite tasting suites, you will quickly note the genuine hospitality and helpfulness that is typical of the staff. Once you are seated, an experienced and knowledgeable Ledson wine consultant will conduct a fun and educational wine tasting of five of the Winery’s top wines.

  • Club

Ledson wine club members always enjoy additional benefits. Besides enjoying tastings outside in the beautiful Oak Grove overlooking the vineyards, members enjoy complimentary tastings and member-only wines. Membership also includes 20% off on shipments and reorders, and further discounts on purchases made at the Winery.

  • Castle $45 plus tax (tasting at the bar)

The Ledson Castle wine tasting experience features a tasting of handcrafted varietal wines in one of meticulously designed tasting bars: the Noble Tasting Bar, named for Steve’s father, Noble Ledson, or one of two tasting rooms named for Steve’s uncles, Winslow or Whitby. Each beautifully styled room opens to a stunning vista of the winery castle grounds and beautiful vineyards beyond.

Experienced staff is on-hand to offer recommendations, provide information and ensure the thorough enjoyment of the wine tasting experience.

  • Vineyard $65 plus tax and 20% gratuity (seated tasting)

Visitors to the winery will enjoy the chance to sample five of the finest handcrafted varietals in one of the beautiful tasting rooms or outside at a picnic table in the Oak Grove. During a seated Vineyard wine tasting experience, a Ledson expert will provide interesting insights into the wines and the winemaking process as you enjoy the ambiance of the Castle and the flavors and nuances of each extraordinary wine.

Making Your Reservations

Reservation slots fill up, so plan your Sonoma escape and wine tasting experience as soon as possible. As you visit the Ledson Winery and Vineyards website, you will find an easy-to-complete Reservation Request Form that lets you define your choices, even your wine preferences, and request a specific date, time, and party size. You can even add some special requests to make your visit even more enjoyable.