What you should know about our Vineyard Row Program

Wouldn’t you love to own your own vineyard but have neither the time nor expertise? Wouldn’t it be fun to serve bottles of top-quality Sonoma wine with your personalized label?

Ledson’s Winery and Vineyards is offering Club Members a truly unique program to allow you to experience that dream with Ledson’s Vineyard Row Program.

How Ledson’s Vineyard Row Program Works

Ledson’s Castle Vineyards, headquartered in Kenwood, CA, offers its Club Members a chance to own one or more vineyard rows near the Castle Winery for a minimum of three years.

A personalized plaque will designate each of your personal vineyard rows. You will receive another plaque that you may proudly display in your wine cellar.

Wines from Your Ledson’s Personal Row Program Membership

Each personal vineyard row at the Castle Winery will consist of three grape varieties: Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot. After their harvest, Steve Ledson will blend these varieties into an exceptional Bordeaux-style wine that will later be bottled and labeled with the “Three Brothers” designation and your chosen name and vintage date.

Depending on the location of your vineyard row, the Personal Row Program may include a private wine tasting at the row location. Additional charges may apply for guests and extra food items.

Why the “Three Brothers” Designation?

Steve Ledson named a portion of his Castle Vineyards in honor of his father and two uncles, who spent nearly all their lives in and around Sonoma County. Sons of Barker Ledson, who had immigrated to the United States from England in the late 1800s, Noble, Winslow, and Whitby Ledson would create and operate several successful businesses, farms, and vineyards throughout the region. All served in the U.S. Military during World War II and returned home to become prominent members of local society.

Dubbed the “Ledson Boys”, the three brothers created a vibrant legacy that remains today.

Contact Ledson Winery About the Vineyard Row Program

Think of the satisfaction of owning and sharing bottles of an excellent Bordeau-style wine blend produced from your vines labeled with your name or other designation of your choosing.

To learn more about the Vineyard Row Program, visit the Ledson Winery and Castle Vineyards website.

Ledson Castle Winery Three Brothers vineyard rows are available. Members can learn more and apply to become Vineyard Row “owners” for a minimum of three years by emailing wineclub@ledson.com or phoning 1-707-537-3810.

Visiting Ledson’s Castle Winery

Whether for a safe and enjoyable wine tasting or to become a Wine Club member, visit Steve Ledson’s Castle Winery for a delightful and educational experience. Make your reservation online or call us at 707-537-3823 or send an email to tastings@ledson.com.