What You Can Experience at Mountain Terrace

A visit to Ledson Winery and Vineyards, one of the best Sonoma Valley wineries, is an enjoyable and educational experience. Along with sampling a range of Steve Ledson’s superior wines and a visit to the “Castle” in Kenwood, visitors can also enjoy a guided excursion and wine tasting experience at their Mountain Terraces vineyards.

At an elevation of over 2000 feet, the Mountain Terraces offer a breathtaking panoramic view of the beautiful Moon Mountain District viticultural area. The vineyards here enjoy day and night temperatures with less swings than the temperatures on the valley floor which are perfect for the growth and maturation of Cabernet Sauvignon and other Bourdeaux grape varieties used in Ledson’s award-winning wines.

Since acquiring the Mountain Terrace property nearly a decade ago and investing in a near-complete overhaul of the vineyards, Steve Ledson and his team have turned this fantastic setting into one of the most remarkable Sonoma Valley vineyards.

Mountain Terrace: The Vineyards

When Steve Ledson purchased the 200-acre property in 2012, he visualized genuine potential in the Mountain Terraces property, even though the ranch’s vineyard consisted mainly of stressed vines and notably decaying trellises and irrigation systems.

However, the excellent climate and mountainous, rocky soil conditions of Mountain Terraces were critical determinants in Mr. Ledson’s decision to purchase the property.

A third factor, the human element, consisting of vine by vine farming with relentless desire for perfection, precision viticulture by planting the best varieties for the location, properly orienting the rows, pruning, irrigating, fertigating, and constant attention have made the difference here between acceptable and exceptional.

Mountain Terrace Tour: The Experience

A visit to Mountain Terrace is not merely a typical wine country experience with end story-telling explorations to walk away with. A vineyard visit, arranged by appointment only, is a glorious adventure that includes an ATV tour of the property with stops along the way to learn about each section’s unique characteristics and the influence of high-elevation microclimates, soils, and other agricultural aspects of this unique winegrowing terroir. You will be provided some of the details of Steve Ledson’s advanced viticultural methods.

Following the Tour, you can relax, enjoy a gourmet picnic lunch, and enjoy the incredible scenery.  Beyond the cascading vine rows of the Sonoma Valley vineyards right before you, you will also have a breathtaking view of the entire Valley and even the San Francisco Bay area in the distance.

Mountain Terrace Guest Houses

As a further bonus, if waking up to views of the mountain vineyards and beyond seems an idle dream, a stay at one of the Mountain Terrace Guest Houses can be your goal. Available for overnight bookings, each unit is equipped with a fireplace, kitchen, and comfortable living area to provide a genuinely idyllic and peaceful stay among the best Sonoma Valley vineyards.

Reservations for Ledson’s Mountain Terrace

Advance reservations are necessary, and Ledson and Zina Hyde Cunningham wineries members of friends of the Ledson family have priority.

In Kenwood, CA, the Ledson Winery’s Castle is a remarkable setting itself to begin your safe and enjoyable wine tasing experience. But an excursion to the Mountain Terraces vineyards also makes for an extraordinary experience.

Make your reservations by contacting Ledson Guest Services at 707-537-3823 or tastings@ledson.com.