Our Philosophy

Steve Ledson’s winemaking philosophy is everything begins in the vineyard. Steve has a sixth sense about every step in the winemaking process, and can read a grapevine just as fluently as words on a page. He chooses quality over quantity, only selects the best grapes, and will reject fruit if it doesn’t meet his approval. The same can be said with a wine’s release. Unless it’s the best, he won’t release it, ensuring that each and every time you taste a Ledson wine, you’re tasting a wine of the highest caliber.

Our vineyards are farmed one vine at a time. We match and clone rootstock to the most appropriate growing conditions for optimal results, handling the vines as little as possible to allow a gradual, organic melding of varietal and vineyard flavors. The wines are aged in French oak barrels from the finest coopers and forests, and a variety of toast levels are used to add complexity and nuance.